Microsoft MyAnalytics - Government

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Microsoft MyAnalytics ( Delve Analytics ) for Government - Billed Monthly


Create better work habits with Microsoft MyAnalytics

MyAnalytics shows you how you spend your time so you can plan and schedule your time to work smarter and accomplish your goals.

See where your time goes

The personal dashboard helps you easily grasp how much time you spend in key areas such as meetings and email. It also shows how many uninterrupted hours you spend focusing on key tasks, and how much time you work outside normal hours.

Set goals and monitor progress for higher impact

Each person, role and organization is different. Customize your MyAnalytics with personal goals to help prioritize personal productivity challenges and make impact. Set goals, monitor improvements against benchmarks and make adjustments over time.

Make data-driven decisions about your work

Unleash the power of data to optimize your impact. See if your email provides the right impact for your audience. Find out how quickly you respond to key contacts. Discover how many hours you have to focus on your core priorities, and take ownership of your time and collaboration at work for a healthy work-life balance.

Privacy by design

MyAnalytics is designed to protect your privacy. Only you can view your personal data.

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