How to connect remotely with us

    1. Go to the AnyDesk website.
    2. Click Download Now.
    3. Double-click the app and see Your Address at the top of your window.
    4. Click on your address to copy it.
    5. Email us the following at
      • The details of your issue; and
      • Your AnyDesk address
    6. Allow a few minutes for us to receive your email. Keep your AnyDesk app open.
    7. Upon seeing the invitation window on your device, click Accept.

*FOR MAC USERS: Additional Steps for Security Permissions

For us to gain access to your Mac device:

    1. Go to System Preference > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab.
    2. Unlock Security & Privacy by clicking the lock icon.
    3. Check AnyDesk in the sections Accessibility, Full Disk Access, and Screen Recording.