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What is a Microsoft CSP?

What is a Microsoft CSP?

Microsoft wants the partners to have the full benefit of their opportunity in the cloud; hence they initiated the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP). You may wonder what this really is and how it works, well here are a few things you should know about the Microsoft CSP.

What is Microsoft CSP?

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program is also known as CSP allows the partners to directly manage whole Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle. Using this program, the Partners will be able to use dedicated in-product tools to directly condition, supervise, and support their consumer subscriptions. Partners will be capable of easily packaging their own tools, services, and products, as well as unite them into a monthly or an annual customer bill.

With the help of this program, the Microsoft partners will be able to become trusted advisors to their valuable customers. Since with the help of CSP, the partners will be able to own and manage their end to end relationship with their consumers.

CSP versions

The CSP is available in two versions

  • Direct model
  • Indirect model

The partners can choose both or can select any one of these models.

There are a few differences in the models like in the direct model; you need a strong infrastructure to allow the end to end ownership of your consumer relationship. It requires a lot of this which needs to be met and for most of the partners, it may not be feasible.

The Indirect model, on the other hand, bids partners the chance to work with an Indirect CSP partner who offers the tools and resources essential to administer their customer relationship. And for most, it’s the best option.

You need to decide!

Snatch the CSP opportunity

The Cloud Solution Provider program assist you to go further than reselling licenses to being much more involved in your customer dealing. Here is a few pluses you can get availing this amazing opportunity.

  • Deeper engagement

When you meet with your customers, you will be able to get an insider view of their business and in this way, uncover new opportunity.

Improved profitability

Using the CSP program, you will be able to open new profits streams by providing Microsoft online services and outsourcing the billing and support to an indirect provider.

Added value to products

Since you are collaborating with Microsoft, you can box up solutions with their industry-leading products.

Excellent Managed services

As we all know that the cloud market maintains to rise, you will be well suited to meet your customer demand for excellently managed services.

How the CSP Program Change Your Business

Initially, you need to get yourself prepared! Yeah, that’s right. You need to know that if you embark on this journey with Microsoft without knowing what to expect, you may be setting yourself up for trouble. You may have seen the MSP or VAR fail because they weren’t equipped properly. We would recommend that you do a bit of research before. Take a look at your business and decide your steps to success.

First of all, you need to be prepared! If you embark on this journey without knowing what to expect, you’re just setting yourself up for trouble. We’ve seen many MSPs and VARs stall or fail simply because they weren’t properly equipped for the ride. Going solo on a cloud journey can be a bit tricky. You can join a solid partner plan like Microsoft CSP program and get into action. You can use your provider’s awareness and tools to start growing and profiting.

What are the risks?

As a partner, you own the billing relationship and assume the responsibility for credit and collections with your customers. As you are directly provisioning, monitoring and managing the subscription, customers will contact you with related queries as well as all issues related to the technical support. You should be able to feature 24/7 end-user support.

Why should I choose CSP?

Why should you choose the Microsoft CSP program? Well, keeping up with the latest technology is important for businesses these days. As you know now that CSP is a program with services and subscriptions with numerous advantages but have some risks as well. The benefits being monthly flexible consumption and billing, you will be able to select and pay for what you use. Another advantage it has for you is that you will have just one invoicing partner for services and subscriptions. You may possible bet the best local support.

With the help of the CSP program, you will be able to set your own prices as well as your own profit margins for reselling the Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365, which are one of the most popular Microsoft products.

With no restrictions regarding the size of the company, their location and the level of competence, it’s a great opportunity which you must avail. In other words, if you have a cloud business, your cloud business can join from anywhere in the world no matter the number of employees and size. Even as a newcomer, you can avail the opportunity to resell cloud solutions.

Microsoft cloud service providers and partners is a great solution. If you want to provide your customers with ideal services, you should learn more and contact the service providers to get more details about the product. Its subscription is easy and you will be able to cancel it anytime you want if you don’t find it working for you which won’t be the case once you give it a try.

It’s time for you to decide what you are looking for to succeed. Subscribe to Microsoft and become a partner. Choose your desired plan and options and observe the change yourself. The CSP provider will handle the payment for your cloud subscriptions with Microsoft. You can choose from direct or indirect models. You won’t have a thing to worry about at your end.

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